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Many of these scripts are written by me. I wrote them for my own personal use, but am making them available for use to the public as well. You can edit them, share them, etc. You can make your scripts available here too if you like. Just send me an email. Please show your support by signing the guestbook or visiting the discussion forum.

File Name Description Size
BirdsEye Similar to WebUtil. Not as powerful 5 kb
Crypt/MassCrypt 2 scripts, 1 zip. Used for DES encryption of input. 664 kb
Env Checker whoami, server programs, server info and much more. 2 kb
IpGen Writes a list of specified IP addresses to a file 333 kb
KillMSN Uninstalls msn messenger from Windows XP pro 1 kb
VRFY Mass checks usernames via SMTP from a file. 1 kb
WebUtil Awesome collection of tools and more. See it here. 12 kb
Whisker Great muti faceted tool by rain forrest puppy 170 kb
Perl Portscan Simple Perl portscanner script. Runs from the command line. 2 kb