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Data Recovery And Restoration
Did your hard drive crash? Will your operating system not load? Your data is probably very important to you, and recovering priceless data is a necessity. Before you pay hundreds of dollars an hour to have your data recovered, check with us. We are able to successfully recover data from drives with:

  • Damaged Partition Records
  • Accidentally Erased Data
  • Damaged Boot Records
  • Physically Damaged Hard Drives

The key to successfully recovering lost data, is to immediately contact a professional. Trying to recover the data yourself could lead to the data being lost for good if you do not know what you are doing. So, if you find yourself in a sticky situation, call us and we can probably help. In cases where the data is not able to be recovered you do not pay anything at all. We do not charge you, unless we can get your data back.

We do out of state/country Data Recovery as well in most cases. This is done by having the drive(s) shipped to us via us mail, and in turn we ship back your drive recovered with the data on it. If the drive is physically damaged you have the option to purchase another hard drive from any retailer of your choice, and we will place the recovered data on it, or have the data sent to you by a medium such as DVD discs or CD-ROM's The out of state/country data recovery is not available in all cases, so please check with us first.

How The Process Works
  1. As soon as we receive your media, we perform a thorough analysis.
  2. After analyzing the media, you will be sent a report detailing the data that can likely be recovered, along with the estimated cost of recovery.
  3. After receiving payment the recovery process is started.
  4. Following the recovery process your data is returned to you.

Your final cost is calculated by the amount of data successfully recovered. If the final price happens to be less than the post analysis estimate, then we will refund the difference when we return to you the successfully recovered data. Contact us for a recovery assessment as well as a free service estimate.

If you do not see what you are looking for, then please contact us. We also offer the most competitive pricing around. If you get a quote from a legitimate company, please contact us and we'll do our best to beat the competitor's quoted price.

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