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Help Center Live Vulnerabilities May 17, 2022
Help Center Live is a `Live` help desk system written in PHP using a MySql database backend that features Live Support, Trouble Tickets and FAQ within one project. This is a very popular application, especially with webhosts and other services. Unfortunately Help Center Live is vulnerable to Sql injection, Script Injection, and Cross Site Scripting attacks, but the most serious of the vulnerabilities mentioned (The SQL Injection attacks) require magic_quotes_gpc to be set to off.
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Woltlab Burning Board SQL Injection Vulnerability May 16, 2022
Burning Board is a popular, multi purpose forum / community software offered by WoltLab GmbH. There is an SQL Injection vulnerability in Burning Board 2.* and earlier that allows for an attacker to influence SQL Queries and possibly query arbitrary data from the database, such as admin password hashes. The developers are said to have made a patch available as of late last week, and all users should upgrade their Burning Board installations as soon as possible.
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Yappa-NG Multiple Vulnerabilities May 11, 2022
Yappa-NG is the second generation (new and improved) version of Yappa (yet another php photo album). There are several vulnerabilities in Yappa-NG that may allow an attacker to possibly take control of the vulnerable server. In order to exploit these vulnerabilities register_globals must be on. An updated version of Yappa-NG is available, and users should upgrade as soon as possible.
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Multiple Invision Power Board Vulnerabilities May 5, 2022
Invision Power Board (IPB) is a professional forum system that has been built from the ground up with speed and security in mind. It is used by a great many people all over the world. All versions of Invision Power Board are vulnerable to a serious SQL Injection vulnerability. An attacker does not have to be logged in, or even have access or permission to view the forums in order to exploit this vulnerability. Users should upgrade immediately.
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Multiple SitePanel2 Vulnerabilities May 3, 2022
SitePanel2 is a helpdesk / trouble ticket / support system used by businesses and individuals alike. There are a number of vulnerabilities in SitePanel2, some of which are fairly serious. If an attacker is able to successfully exploit these vulnerabilities in SitePanel2 he may be able to successfully compromise user accounts or completely compromise the target web server. A security patch has been released to address these issues and all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade their SitePanel2 installations as soon as possible.
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Multiple Vulnerabilities In osTicket May 2, 2022
osTicket is a widely-used open source support ticket system. It is a lightweight support ticket tool written mainly using PHP scripting language. There are several vulnerabilities in the osTicket software that may allow for an attacker to take control of the affected web server, disclose sensitive data from the database, or read arbitrary files. These issues have been reported to the developers and a new updated version of osTicket is available for download. All affected users should upgrade their osTicket installations immediately.
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phpBB Notes Mod SQL Injection Vulnerability April 27, 2022 author many popular modules and hacks for the amazingly popular phpBB software. One of these modules allows users to keep their own personal memo pad of sorts in the usercp. This particular mod comes standard with packages like orion_phpbb and others. This "notes" module is vulnerable to a serious SQL Injection vulnerability that will allow for an attacker to pull sensitive information from the underlying database, and possibly compromise the integrity of the affected phpBB installation.
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Multiple eGroupware Vulnerabilities April 20, 2022
eGroupware is a very popular open source web based collaboration software that can be used within an intranet, or externally via the internet to build a community and/or help coordinate large projects. eGroupware also comes pre packaged in some linux distributions. GulfTech Security Research has found a few high risk SQL Injection vulnerabilities as well as Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities. A new version of eGroupware is now available and all eGroupware users should upgrade immediately. Not only does the new eGroupware release address these security issues, but it also includes a number of bugfixes!
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Multiple Security Issues Found In AZBB April 19, 2022
azbb is a forum that was written with a primary focus on security. azbb does not require a database such as MySQL, PostGres or MSSQL and can even be used as a blog, or portal of sorts. Unfortunately there are a number of security issues in AZBB versions prior to 1.0.08, but none of these issues are considered "high risk". However, the developer has addressed these issues and all users should upgrade to the current 1.0.08 version. These vulnerabilities include file enumeration, arbitrary file deletion, and file inclusion.
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Multiple ModernBill 4.3.0 And Earlier Vulnerabilities April 10, 2022
ModernBill is a widely used billing and management software used by webhosts to manage billing and financial data. ModernBill is prone to remote file inclusion and cross site scripting in version prior to 4.3.1. These vulnerabilities could allow for an attacker to execute client side code in the context of the victims web browser, steal sensitive user data, and run system commands remotely on the affected web server. A fixed version is available and users are advised to upgrade immediately.
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