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Infopop UBB Threads Multiple Vulnerabilities June 23, 2022
UBB Threads is a very popular forum system developed by Infopop. There are a number of vulnerabilities in UBB Threads that may allow an attacker to execute cross site scripting, http response splitting, and cross site request forgery attacks. Also, an attacker may include, execute, or read arbitrary local files. These vulnerabilities may allow for an attacker to completely compromise an installation of UBB Threads and possibly more. Users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible to the latest UBB Threads release.
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paFaq Multiple Vulnerabilities June 20, 2022
paFAQ is a FAQ/Knowledge base system that allows webmasters to keep an organized database of Frequently Asked Questions; a Knowledge Database for problems and solutions. There are a number of vulnerabilities in paFaq. These vulnerabilities include arbitrary unauthorized access to the entire paFaq database, as well as admin authentication bypass, sql injection, arbitrary code execution and cross site scripting. An attacker can gain a remote shell on a vulnerable system using these vulnerabilities.
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paFileDB Multiple Vulnerabilities June 14, 2022
paFileDB is a popular open source web application offered by php Arena. paFileDB allows webmasters to open up an interactive file repository on their website. There are a number of vulnerabilities in paFileDB that may allow for an attacker to include arbitrary files, retrieve sensitive user and/or database information, and completely bypass admin, and team member authentication. Users should upgrade immediately.
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FusionBB Multiple Vulnerabilities June 13, 2022
FusionBB is a popular online message board written in php and developed by InteractivePHP, INC. There are several vulnerabilities in FusionBB such as SQL Injection and Arbitrary Local File Inclusion. These issues could allow for an attacker to execute arbitrary scripts residing on the web server, retrieve sensitive data from the underlying database, or bypass the FusionBB authentication mechanisms.
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osCommerce HTTP Response Splitting June 10, 2022
osCommerce is a very popular eCommerce application that allows for individuals to host their own online shop. All current versions of osCommerce are vulnerable to HTTP Response Splitting. These HTTP Response Splitting vulnerabilities may allow for an attacker to steal sensitive user information, or cause temporary web site defacement. The suggested fix for this issue is to make sure that CRLF sequences are not passed to the application.
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