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Mambo Authentication Bypass October 4, 2021
Mambo is a popular Open Source Content Management System released under the GNU General Public license (GNU GPL). There are unfortunately some serious flaws in Mambo's login feature that allow for authentication bypass. This can be used to access arbitrary accounts, but even worse can be used to eventually install harmful modules and execute arbitrary php code on the server running Mambo. The Mambo team have committed fixes for these issues to SVN, and patches are available from the official Mambo website. Users are encouraged to patch the vulnerable functionality or update their Mambo installation as soon as possible.
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HAMweather Remote Code Execution September 30, 2021
HAMWeather is a popular weather forecasting software that allows webmasters to display detailed weather forecasts and statistics on their websites. Unfortunately some of the features within HAMweather allow for an attacker to inject arbitrary php into the application and successfully execute arbitrary code. Also, because magic_quotes_gpc and register_globals settings are irrelevant when exploiting this issue it makes it that much easier for an attacker to get a remote shell on the host and possibly mount further attacks on the underlying server. An updated version of HAMweather has been released and all users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.
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CakePHP Framework Arbitrary File Access September 21, 2021
CakePHP is a RAD (Rapid Application Framework) framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC. Unfortunately CakePHP is vulnerable to an arbitrary file access vulnerability due to unsafe use of the readfile function that allows for an attacker to read any file on the system that the webserver has read access to. This could be used to read password files or sensitive configuration data etc. An updated version of CakePHP has been released and users encouraged to upgrade their CakePHP installations as soon as possible.
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X-Cart Arbitrary Code Execution September 18, 2021
X-Cart is a commercial web based eCommerce solution written in PHP and MySQL that allows for webmasters to host an online marketplace. Unfortunately an attacker may be able to execute arbitrary php code on an X-Cart installation by overwriting key configuration variables. However, because the vulnerability allows for any variables to be overwritten other attacks such as SQL Injection are probably possible as well. Qualiteam have released an updated version of their X-Cart software, and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible or delete the cmpi.php script that resides within the payments directory.
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Claroline Arbitrary File Inclusion September 14, 2021
Claroline is a popular online Open Source e-Learning application used to allow teachers or education organizations to create and administrate courses through the web. Claroline is also used as the framework for other e-Learning applications such as Dokeos. Unfortunately Claroline is vulnerable to a file inclusion issue when register globals is on which may allow for an attacker to read or execute arbitrary files. Some frameworks that use Claroline (such as Dokeos) are also vulnerable to the issues mentioned here. An updated version of Claroline has been released and users should upgrade immediately and disable register_globals if possible.
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