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eyeOS Remote Code Execution February 7, 2022
eyeOS is a "web based operating system" written in php, that lets you access your data and your applications from anywhere with an internet connection. There is a very easy to exploit Remote Code Execution issue in one of the core eyeOS files that affects eyeOS 0.8.9 and earlier. A new version of eyeOS has been released and all users are encouraged to upgrade immediately to eyeOS 0.8.10
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Hurricane Katrina Devestation September 14, 2021
As you may or may not know the main offices of GulfTech Research And Development were located off of highway 90 in Gulfport, south of the CSX railroad. Needless to say the area was completely devestated, and my home; which was the central location for most of our business was very heavily damaged. My family and I were in the house when the tidal surge hit us, but everyone is alive and no serious injuries were sustained. According to the Gulfport police officer I talked to yesterday the surge in Gulfport where I lived was close to 37ft high. Everything belonging to the business (as well as almost all of my personal belongings) were destroyed with the exception of a majority of our records etc which were stored in a secure location. Due to the circumstances we will ONLY be offering security services for an undetermined length of time, and any new programming projects will be put on hold until further notice. I am sorry for having to limit our services, but getting my family and my life back to normal is my main concern right now. Thank you for understanding.
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RunCMS Multiple Vulnerabilities August 19, 2021
RunCMS is a very popular, full featured content management system based on the XOOPS content management system. There are a number of fairly serious vulnerabilities in RunCMS that may allow an attacker to overwrite very important variables used by RunCMS and conduct SQL Injection attacks. A new version of RunCMS has been released some time ago, and all users are advised to upgrade immediately.
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MySQL Eventum Multiple Vulnerabilities July 31, 2021
Eventum is a user-friendly and flexible issue tracking system that can be used by a support department to track incoming technical support requests, or by a software development team to quickly organize tasks and bugs. Eventum is used by the MySQL AB Technical Support team. Unfortunately Eventum is vulnerable to some highly exploitable SQL Injection issues as well as cross site scripting issues. A new version of Eventum has been released and users are strongly advised to upgrade their Eventum installations.
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Kayako LiveResponse Multiple Vulnerabilities July 30, 2021
Kayako liveResponse is a web based application aimed at providing live support for websites and businesses. There are a number of vulnerabilities in Kayako liveResponse that range from Cross Site Request Forgeries, Cross Site Scripting, Information Disclosure, Script Injection, and SQL Injection vulnerabilities which can lead to disclosure of sensitive data. Users are suggested to update as soon as a secured version becomes available.
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