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Gallery 2 Multiple Vulnerabilities March 2, 2022
Gallery2, the open source web based photo album organizer is one of the most popular php web applications available today. Gallery2 suffers from a number of vulnerabilities including IP Spoofing via X_FORWARDED_FOR that may allow a malicious user to hide their identity, script injection via the faulty X_FORWARDED_FOR implementation, and also arbitrary file access which could ultimately lead to the deletion of arbitrary files on the webserver. A new version of Gallery 2 has been released and users should upgrade their Gallery 2 installations.
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phpRPC Library Remote Code Execution February 26, 2022
phpRPC is meant to be an easy to use xmlrpc library. phpRPC is greatly simplified with the use of database/rpc-protocol abstraction. It should run on any php server with most data bases. Unfortunately, there is a easily exploitable remote php code execution vulnerability in the phpRPC library that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the affected webserver. This vulnerability, like previously discovered vulnerabilities in various implementations of the XMLRPC protocol is possible because of unsanitized data being passed to an eval call. This of course could ultimately lead to a compromise of the under lying web server, and disclosure of sensitive data.
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Mambo Multiple Vulnerabilities February 24, 2022
Mambo is a popular Open Source Content Management System released under the GNU General Public license (GNU GPL). There are a number of security issues in Mambo which allows for SQL Injection, Authentication Bypass, and possible remote code execution via local file inclusion. There has been an updated version of Mambo released and all users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. Also, please note that these vulnerabilities are NOT related to any worms currently taking advantage of vulnerable Mambo installations.
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PEAR LiveUser File Access Vulnerabilities February 21, 2022
LiveUser is a user authentication and permission management framework that is part of php's PEAR Library. LiveUser has many different features, including the ability to remember a user via cookies. Unfortunately there is an issue with how extracted cookie data is handled by the LiveUser library within the remember feature which makes it possible for an attacker to gain access to, and even delete potentially sensitive files on the webserver. An updated version of the LiveUser framework has been released, and users are advised to upgrade to LiveUser 0.16.9
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Geeklog Remote Code Execution February 19, 2022
Geeklog is one of the most popular content management systems available today. Geeklog unfortunately is vulnerable to a number of different attacks such as SQL Injection, and arbitrary file inclusion. These attacks can be combined to ultimately execute code on the vulnerable web server in a very reliable manner. According to the developers these issues affect pretty much every version of Geeklog ever released, so users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Geeklog which is Geeklog 1.4.0sr1 and 1.3.11sr4
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ADOdb Library Cross Site Scripting February 18, 2022
ADOdb is a database abstraction library for php used by a great deal of projects to provide support for a number of well known database api's. ADOdb also comes with various functions to perform routine database related tasks. One of the more useful of these functions is ADOdb's ability to paginate the retrieved database records by using the ADODB_Pager class. However, there are several cross site scripting issues within the ADODB_Pager class that may allow for an attacker to render malicious client side code in the victims browser. An updated version of ADOdb has been released, and users should update their ADOdb library.
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XMB Forums Multiple Vulnerabilities February 12, 2022
XMB Forums is a popular forum software written in php and mysql that allows you to open up your own online community or messageboard. There are a number of security issues in XMB Forums that may allow for an attacker to perform SQL injection attacks or cross site scripting attacks against the vulnerable web application. These types of attacks may allow for disclosure of sensitive data such as cookie information or contents from the underlying database.
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DB_eSession deleteSession() SQL injection February 11, 2022
DB_eSession is a feature-packed PHP class that stores the session data in a MySQL database rather than files. It is powerful, designed with security in mind, and is easy to utilize. The DB_eSession library is used in a number of popular web applications, and private projects alike. DB_eSession is vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks due to unsafe use of cookie data in an SQL query, and can allow an attacker to craft malicious SQL Queries and have them then successfully executed.
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HiveMail Multiple Vulnerabilities February 10, 2022
HiveMail is a powerful web-based email program that allows you to offer personal email accounts to your visitors. This makes HiveMail a popular choice for business and individuals alike. Unfortunately there are a number of remote code execution vulnerabilities in HiveMail due to unsafe eval calls that may allow an attacker to compromise the underlying web server. In addition there are also vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to perform SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting attacks.
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CPAINT AJAX Library Cross Site Scripting February 9, 2022
CPAINT (Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit) is a multi-language toolkit that helps web developers design and implement AJAX web applications with ease and flexibility. CPAINT does not sanitize all user supplied data properly which leads to cross site scripting. This makes not only CPAINT vulnerable, but the applications that use CPAINT as a third party library are vulnerable as well.
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