Sunday February 14, 2022
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  1 PHPXMLRPC Library Remote Code Execution
  2 XMB Forums Multiple Vulnerabilities
  3 Mambo Multiple Vulnerabilities
  4 Multiple Invision Power Board Vulnerabilities
  5 MySQL Eventum Multiple Vulnerabilities
  6 Gallery 2 Multiple Vulnerabilities
  7 Geeklog Remote Code Execution
  8 RunCMS Multiple Vulnerabilities
  9 Kayako LiveResponse Multiple Vulnerabilities
10 phpRPC Library Remote Code Execution
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Thank you, and goodbye (for now)
I will no longer be offering private code audits or conducting any public vulnerability research of any kind for the foreseeable future. This is due to certain contractual obligations that I have with my current employer. This is of course not a bad thing though, as I love my work, and all of my co workers are great people (and very talented!). Thanks for reading my advisories over the years, and thanks to all of the developers who I've worked with to help make their software more secure. If you are looking to have your web application source code audited, I highly recommend SektionEins, they're the best you will find.