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SubScan 1.2 DNS Discovery Utility Released
May 25, 2022

SubScan is a DNS utility that i built for myself and decided to share it with the public. Any of you who have used the earlier versions should know that this version is COMPLETELY different. It's almost a completely different program, but accomplishes the same thing really. Here are some things that are new and improved in SubScan 1.2

  • Queries DNS servers, and doesn't rely on ICMP echo like before. So now even if a machine is down it will list the record if the DNS is active.
  • Also lets you scan your domain without your ids or firewall going crazy as it is pretty much stealth. If someone finds this to be inaccurate please correct me
  • Output is written to an easy to read HTML file, with links to an assortment of webtools.
  • Much faster in general as it relies on a completely different method to query the record.
  • A much larger, updated subdomain list for use with SubScan
  • Tested on both Slackware Linux and Windows XP Pro. Both an .exe and .pl version are included in the SubScan 1.2 download
If you have any comments, questions, or need help or anything else feel free to ask on the forums. Be sure to check out the readme file first though, as it might just have the answer you are looking for. Anyone using the contact forms for tech questions will be ignored. Thanks

Download SubScan 1.2 Now
Sample Output Log From SubScan 1.2

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