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GulfTech Computers strives to beat the price(s) of any other business around. Check with us first as it just may save you some time and money. And who doesn't want to save money? Please contact us with any questions or inquiries.

Latest GulfTech Releases

SubScan v1.2 Scans a domain for DNS records and SubDomains. Very stealthy, and can be used to find many hosts not on the public netblock. A very interesting tool to say the least. Works on both Nix and Windows based systems. Get it now!

Download SubScan v1.2

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Latest Advisories
GnuTLS Security Advisory - wrong algorithm (20040802)
Debian Security Advisory - New squirrelmail packages fix multiple vulnerabilities (DSA 535-1)
SCO Security Advisory - OpenServer 5.0.6 OpenServer 5.0.7 : uudecode does not check for symlink or pipe (SCOSA-2004.7)
SCO Security Advisory - OpenServer 5.0.6 OpenServer 5.0.7 : OpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities (SCOSA-2004.10)
SCO Security Advisory - OpenServer 5.0.6 OpenServer 5.0.7 : Xsco contains a buffer overflow that could be exploited to gain root privileges (SCOSA-2004.3)
Latest Vulnerabilities
Oracle Multiple Products Local Privilege Elevation Vulnerability
Comersus Shopping Cart 5.098 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
MailEnable Professional HTTPMail Denial of Service Vulnerability
Netscape/Mozilla SOAPParameter Constructor Integer Overflow Vulnerability
OpenFTPD Format String Vulnerability
Latest Security News
Wi-Fi shootout in the desert
Security flaws found in Oracle software
Data driven attacks using HTTP tunneling
Linux keeps dodging hackers and viruses
It's official: 2004 is year of the virus

Welcome to GulfTech Computers. We specialize in offering professional computer sevices at a very affordable price to small to mid sized businesses and home users alike. We offer a large variety of services, so don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions. Please read the FAQ first though, as you might find the answer to your question there.

You can use the form below to contact us regarding a service estimate or other job inquiries. Please be specific of the type of service you are requesting. If you are requesting any type of repair or upgrade/installation please supply us with specific details of the hardware/software/system if at all possible.

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