phpCoin Multiple Vulnerabilities
Vendor: COINSoft Technologies Inc.
Product: phpCoin
Version: <= 1.2.1b
BID: 12917
CVE: CVE-2005-0669 CVE-2005-0670 CVE-2005-0946
OSVDB: 15160 15161 15162 15163
SECUNIA: 14439
phpCoin is a free software package originally designed for web-hosting resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk. phpCoin versions 1.2.1b and earlier are prone to multiple vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and File Inclusion vulnerabilities. A new version has been released, and users should upgrade as soon as possible.

File Include Vulnerability:
There is a local file include vulnerability in auxpage.php when calling the 'page' parameter


Using a similar example as above an attacker could traverse out of the directory and include arbitrary files to be read or executed.

SQL Injection Vulnerability:
There are three SQL Injection vulnerabilities in phpCoin v1.2.1b and earlier. Two of the issues are not very easy to exploit, but one (in the search engine) is very useful. The SQL Injection issue in the search engine is pretty straight forward, as entering the query of your choice after breaking out of single quotes in the search term/keywords field. The other two SQL Injection issues take place when ordering a product, and when requesting a forgotten password. When requesting a forgotten password, neither the username or email fields are safe from SQL Injection. Also, when ordering a new package you can put an allowed domain name such as followed by sql as long as you break out of the single quotes. It should be noted that these issues probably will not present themselves if magic_quotes_gpc is on.

The guys at phpCoin worked very quickly to get a fix out, and a fix has been available for a while now. Upgrade your vulnerable version.

James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team