SunShop SQL Injection
Vendor: Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.
Product: SunShop
Version: <= 4.1.4
BID: 30751
CVE: CVE-2008-3768
OSVDB: 47590
SECUNIA: 31539
SunShop shopping cart is a full featured ecommerce solution written in php that allows for web masters to run their own online ecommerce operation. Unfortunately there are a number of SQL Injection issues in SunShop that allow for an attacker to have arbitrary access to the SunShop database where they can access information such as customer and administrator details. An updated version of SunShop has been released to address these issues, and users should upgrade soon.

SQL Injection
There are quite a few SQL Injection issues within SunShop that for an attacker to have arbitrary access to the SunShop database. The first example we will have a look at is in class.ajax.php @ lines 348-362

function edit_registry ($id="") {
	global $DB_site, $dbprefix, $settings, $lang, $sess;
	$data = $DB_site->query_first("SELECT * FROM `".$dbprefix."users_registry` 
	WHERE id='".$_POST[id]."' AND userid='".$sess->gvar('userid')."'");
	$data = filter_data($data);
	$out  = 'document.getElementById(\'wishform\').style.display = \'none\';';
	$out .= 'document.getElementById(\'wisheditform\').style.display = \'block\';';
	$out .= 'form = document.forms[\'edit_registry\'];';
	$out .= 'form.elements[\'event[id]\'].value = \''.js_clean($data[id]).'\';';
	$out .= 'form.elements[\'event[name]\'].value = \''.js_clean($data[name]).'\';';
	$out .= 'form.elements[\'event[desc]\'].value = \''.js_clean($data[description]).'\';';
	$out .= 'form.elements[\'event[month]\'].selectedIndex = '.(date('m', 
	$out .= 'form.elements[\'event[day]\'].selectedIndex = '.(date('d', 
	$out .= 'form.elements[\'event[year]\'].selectedIndex = '.((date('Y', 
	return $out;

As seen above the SQL Injection issue here is pretty straight forward and is a result of a $_POST variable being used in the middle of the query. An attacker could exploit this SQL Injection issue by making a post request to "/index.php?l=edit_registry&p;=1" with the following post data.

id=-99' UNION SELECT 1,2,3,concat(username,char(58),password),5,6 FROM users/*

Upon successful exploitation an attacker would be presented with the targeted credentials. In addition to this SQL Injection are several more SQL Injection issues within class.ajax.php and can be found at lines 77, 113, 138 (via the check_email() function), 349, 374, and 400. With the exception of the issue @ line 138 these issues are very easily identified as they use GPC variables directly within SQL queries.

The TurnKeyWebTools developers have addressed these issues in the latest version of SunShop which can be found at the following url.;=63

James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team