PhotoPost Classifieds Multiple Vulnerabilities
Vendor: All Enthusiast, Inc.
Product: PhotoPost Classifieds
Version: <= 2.01
BID: 12156
OSVDB: 12728 12729 12730 12731 12732 12733 12734 12735 12736 12737
SECUNIA: 13699
Add a full-featured user-to-user classified ads system to your website to connect buyers with sellers. No matter what your users interestes may be, they likely want to buy and sell items related to your site's topic, and PhotoPost Classifieds makes it easy. PhotoPost Classifieds is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current site design, and can even use your existing forum user database (if you have one) for one central login. Where you see [INT] in this advisory, it represents an integer such as a valid category. [XSS] and [SQL] represent where an attacker could insert code to conduct a cross site scripting attack, or inject data to influence SQL queries.

Cross Site Scripting:
PhotoPost Classifieds is prone to cross site scripting in several different scripts throughout the application. Below are examples:


This can be used to render hostile code in the context of the victims browser, or to steal cookie based credentials or other sensitive info.

SQL Injection Vulnerability:
There are a substantial number of SQL Injection vulnerabilities in this application. Some are easy to exploit, others are not so easy.


These SQL issues can possibly be exploited to influence SQL queries and disclose arbitrary data. These will alse cause XSS if unsuccessful.

Arbitrary File Upload:
This issue can be very dangerous as it allows a user to upload php scripts and other files. Once uploaded these files can be executed with the permission of the webserver. The uploaded file can be found by following the image link in the classified ad that was posted. Exploiting this vulnerability can be accomplished by naming a file with multiple file extensions and then uploading it when placing an ad (for example: test.jpg.php.jpg.php). It should be noted that the uploads are properly filtered (or seem to be) when editing an ad, just not when creating a new classified ad.

PhotoPost Classifieds 2.02 has been released to resolve these issues. All users should upgrade their PhotoPost Classifieds immediately.

James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team