P-Synch Multiple Vulnerabilities
Vendor: M-Tech Identity Management Solutions
Product: P-Synch
Version: <= 6.2.5
Website: http://www.psynch.com/
BID: 7740 7745 7747
P-Synch is a total password management solution. It is intended to reduce the cost of ownership of password systems, and simultaneously improve the security of password protected systems. This is done through: Password Synchronization. Enforcing an enterprise wide password strength policy. Allowing authenticated users to reset their own forgotten passwords and enable their locked out accounts. Streamlining help desk call resolution for password resets. P-Synch is available for both internal use, on the corporate Intranet, as well as for the Internet deployment in B2B and B2C applications.

Path Disclosure Vulnerability:

Script Injection Vulnerability:
https://path/to/psynch/nph-psf.exe?css=">[VBScript, JScript etc]
https://path/to/psynch/nph-psa.exe?css=">[VBScript, JScript etc]

File Include Vulnerability:

Upgrade to the latest version of P-Synch Password Managment.

James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team.