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CS-Cart SQL Injection
Product: CS-Cart
Version: <= 1.3.5
BID: 30979
CVE: CVE-2008-6394
OSVDB: 47930
SECUNIA: 31686
CS-Cart Cart is a full featured online ecommerce application written in php that allows users to build, run and promote an online store. There is unfortunately a fairly serious SQL Injection issue within CS-Cart that can be used to easily take over user and administrator accounts, as well as used to retrieve arbitrary data from the database. The CS-Cart team have released an updated version of CS-Cart to resolve this issue, and users should upgrade as soon as possible.

SQL Injection
There is a fairly serious SQL Injection issue in CS-Cart that, as mentioned before, allows attackers to easily bypass authentication, or retrieve arbitrary data from the underlying database. The vulnerable code can be found in /core/user.php

if (fn_get_cookie(AREA_NAME . '_user_id')) {
	$udata = db_get_row("SELECT user_id, user_type, tax_exempt, last_login, membership_status, 
	membership_id FROM $db_tables[users] WHERE user_id='".fn_get_cookie(AREA_NAME . '_user_id')."' 
	AND password='".fn_get_cookie(AREA_NAME . '_password')."'");
	fn_define('LOGGED_VIA_COOKIE', true);

At the time of discovering this issue the fn_get_cookie() function did nothing more than check if the specified cookie value was present, if it was then it returned the value. This of course allowed for an SQL Injection issue since an attacker can easily specify cookie data.


For example an attacker could specify a cookie like the one shown above and successfully log in as the customer with the id of 1 without ever actually authenticating. Alternatively just about any data can be retrieved via this method also since the injection happens right in the middle of a select statement.

An updated version of CS-Cart has been released to address these issues and users can upgrade by visiting the CS-Cart website. Thanks to the people at for addressing these issues in a very prompt and professional manner.

James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team