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SubScan v1.2 Scans a domain for DNS records and SubDomains. Very stealthy, and can be used to find many hosts not on the public netblock. A very interesting tool to say the least. Works on both Nix and Windows based systems. Get it now!

Download SubScan v1.2

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Latest Advisories
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SCO Security Advisory - OpenServer 5.0.6 OpenServer 5.0.7 : Xsco contains a buffer overflow that could be exploited to gain root privileges (SCOSA-2004.3)
SCO Security Advisory - UnixWare 7.1.3 Open UNIX 8.0.0 : Xsco contains a buffer overflow that could be exploited to gain root privileges. (SCOSA-2004.2)
Microsoft Security Bulletin Re-release, August 2004
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Autorank PHP SQL Injection Vulnerability
December 18, 2021

Vendor : JMB Software
Version : AutoRank PHP 2.0.4 && Others?
Risk : SQL Injection Vulnerability

The description as taken from the Autorank website "AutoRank PHP is our next generation toplist software, written completely in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. This software has all the features of the Pro version, and we have added several more which make this the most advanced toplist software available today. We have combined the power and speed of PHP and MySQL to make AutoRank PHP extremely efficient and scalable. A complete list of features is available if you would like to jump right to that. Otherwise, you can continue on and find out why AutoRank PHP is the premier PHP toplist software available today."

Autorank PHP is vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks. The vulnerabilities can be exploited by injecting SQL queries into the user & password fields when editing an account, the email field when requesting a lost password and the username field when registering an account. If a malicious attacker logs in with the username and password '-- he will automatically be given access to the first account cataloged in the database. He can then view the HTML source code to view that users password in plain text. This also leaves the database being used by Autorank PHP open for attack. The affected file is accounts.php

Credits go to JeiAr of the GulfTech Security Research Team.

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